One of our biggest advantages is that we have the ability to offer our customers transparent and predictable logistics schemes where they would enjoy acceptable transit timescales as well as those values.

Our extensive experience in the field makes us proud for what we do and we are happy to ensure our customers are getting their best Ts&Cs as well as the best service.

Unlike other many businesses we are not just holding technical contractual obligations which transporters have been facilitating with us, but we do maintain our own ongoingly proven track of records with most reliable carriers and hauliers which build extensive network that ensures we can offer our customers complex multimodal shipments. Our contracted hauliers and carriers are not just bare vendors, but they are more of our good friends and reliable partners who are happy to offer us alongside support when it’s needed.

Well established relationships ensure we can efficiently monitor and affect every stage of any shipment. We are always aware of where our consignments are positioned at every moment and how we avoid delays in deliveries.

All of the above ensures you can keep your peace of mind as well as you remain rest assured you have been secured from unlikely waste of you precious time or from the product quality have been badly affected, as the above two aspects might potentially cause customers loss.

We can deliver goods from door to quay or alternatively from door to door of the customer’s bond warehouse. Goods are transported in accordance to terms and conditions established by the producers of those, i.e. frozen articles are stored and transported deep frozen in -18C environment that ensured the quality of those has been fully preserved.

Your goods shall be delivered to you with the intact seal that was initially placed at origin. In case your consignment has been scheduled for additional monitoring by a government controlling authority and the initial seal has been removed we will be able to supply all required additional paperwork certified by that authority to support your cargo.

Besides the above we do individual survey of collection progress and in many cases, this also refers to production progress. We take careful control of the way paperwork is completed. You can fully rely on us as said.

Other than our extensive experience in the field and our ability to monitor the entire progress in detail you can also benefit from one of our huge advantages, i.e. our unique approach to each and every customer.

The above said wasn’t a range of empty spoken words. We have committed we can design and offer unique approach to each customer delivery wise where they will be able to enjoy price, quality and delivery terms in those perfect proportion. Along with that we are guided by our customers’ business actual needs and targets as well as other issues vital for themselves.

We are straightforward to be dealt with. You want to deliver us all your queries you feel are needed to be delivered for those are important for your trade. We’ll be happy to pay our utmost care and concern to those.

Read more details about our terms and conditions here.


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