About the Business

CARNE TRADE LLP have been doing wholesale of the goods fit for human consumption as a trading business since the year 2015. We focus is on the product as follows but not limited to:

Frozen beef, pork, poultry and other meat as well as relevant by-products;

Frozen fish and seafood as well as their by-products;

Coffee (green coffee beans, roasted coffee beans, roasted grind coffee, instant coffee both Freeze Dried Coffee and Spray Dried Coffee)

Vegetable Oils (Sunflower Oil, Rapceed Oil)

Dairy products

We have got 20 years of the existing experience in frozen food commodities trading. The way we benefit from it is we have the ability to pick the best suppliers as well as the best goods. We pay our special attention to the quality aspects of the applicable goods as well as to the terms and conditions of the commitments we are getting with our vendors. This prevents us from running on reefs.

Today we have now got several dozens of active customers in different parts of the world, as follows but not limited to Asia (Vietnam, Hong Kong and etc.), EU, Africa, Caucasus and etc. We ship hundreds of tons of the goods on a monthly basis and the quantity has been continuously increasing.

We have got well established long-term relations with the key container shipping companies where we can benefit from acquiring the best rates and the best service. Therefore, we can apply our best control over the transportation progress and subsequently affect it.

The above keeps us from getting into trouble from the impact of unforeseen and beyond the control delays where the customers benefit being away from their time wasting and hassles.

You can rest assured your goods are to remain safely under the wing throughout the entire journey from the place of loading to the point of the final destination.

Each and every trade is treated with special care and attention where the individual approach is applied. We are capable to offer the best terms and conditions as well as the best prices. We will give you our advice with regards to a most sophisticated queries about the product and each delivery progress as it unfolds. We can ensure special term for our returning customers.

Sourcing origins

We source our goods from nearly all around the world. These include South America, the US, Canada, the EU member states, the UK, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We ensure the entire supply chain that covers the product being delivered from the suppliers’ stock to the customers instructed destination.

Criteria to be applied to assess our suppliers:


•Quality of their products

• Terms of the delivery


We are always here to ensure our customers are getting the goods of their best value. However, we are well aware of the fact that sometimes a cheaper price can disguise unreliable suppliers, fraudsters or scammers of any kind. For the above reasons we conduct thorough checks of our potential suppliers before we have offered their product to our customers. Our customers expect us approach these with proficiency and top efficiency where both are ensured with our existing experience and personal responsibility.

Where our customers benefit from trading with us:

  1. We trade with sustainable suppliers who would have their proven track record. We are here to ensure our customers are not getting any issues with either quality or the delivery terms. We are here to ensure our customers stay away from any hassle.
  2. Great variety of choices with regards to our sourcing facilities enables us to supply rare or even exotic articles.
  3. We are capable to offer a most demanded articles either from our existing stocks or directly from our suppliers’ stocks which ensure prompt shipment of the goods.
  4. The goods are delivered without any interference where the initial safely seals remain intact. Except for the cases where the relevant authorities can be involved. If that’s the case, we provide all the essential paperwork that covers any interference of the authorities.
  5. The manufacturers’ and suppliers’ established transportation conditions are to be met and maintained accurately throughout the entire journey. Therefore, no distance regardless of its length can be shall not affect any goods.
  6. Our stuff has got at least 10 years of experience in the area. Therefore, we asset great knowledge of the market in its details with regards to the goods quality and delivery terms.
  7. We ensure and conduct strict control of the complete supply chain. Thus, the customers can enjoy the opportunity of outsourcing their logistics and placing it with us.


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